Fedora meetup, Bangalore, May 2015

We again met at Starbucks Coffee, Indiranagar on May 2, 2015 at 6 PM for our monthly Fedora meetup in Bangalore. Like the meetup in the »

Started working at Idea Device

This month, i.e., April, 2015, I started working for Idea Device Technologies as a Member of Technical Staff. I will be mostly working on backend »

Meeting reminders in fedocal

fedocal 0.13 release makes it possible for anyone to download iCal file for a meeting and brings support for client side notifications. You can do »

Fedora meetup, Bangalore, March 2015

We resumed our monthly meetups in Bangalore on the March 7, 2015. We've now decided to hold Fedora meetup in Bangalore on the 1st Saturday of »

Moving to Ghost

Today, I migrated my blog: http://www.rtnpro.com to Ghost. I was previously writing blogs and maintaining my static blog website using Nikola. I like »

Fedora 21 release party, Bangalore

Last Saturday, on Jan 10, 2015, we had a Fedora 21 release party in Bangalore. It was held in the premises of Red Hat, Bangalore with »

Fedora meetup, Bangalore

Today, we had a Fedora meetup in Bangalore, at HackerEarth's office. Although, there were only 4 attendees including ourselves: myself, Sayan, Ashwin and Puneet, we made »

Waartaa stats

try.waartaa.com has been live since January, 2014. We have got quite some signups and some folks actively using Waartaa. Thanks to our code level »

Flock 2014

It was great that our proposal to speak on Waartaa at Flock, 2014 was accepted. So, I, along with Sayan went to Prague, Czech Republic last »

Say hello to Waartaa

What is Waartaa? Waartaa or wārtā is a word in Hindi: वार्ता, which means to communicate. And that's what waartaa is for. Waartaa is »