Moving to Ghost

Today, I migrated my blog: to Ghost. I was previously writing blogs and maintaining my static blog website using Nikola. I like »

Fedora 21 release party, Bangalore

Last Saturday, on Jan 10, 2015, we had a Fedora 21 release party in Bangalore. It was held in the premises of Red Hat, Bangalore with »

Fedora meetup, Bangalore

Today, we had a Fedora meetup in Bangalore, at HackerEarth's office. Although, there were only 4 attendees including ourselves: myself, Sayan, Ashwin and Puneet, we made »

Waartaa stats has been live since January, 2014. We have got quite some signups and some folks actively using Waartaa. Thanks to our code level »

Flock 2014

It was great that our proposal to speak on Waartaa at Flock, 2014 was accepted. So, I, along with Sayan went to Prague, Czech Republic last »

Say hello to Waartaa

What is Waartaa? Waartaa or wārtā is a word in Hindi: वार्ता, which means to communicate. And that's what waartaa is for. Waartaa is »

Mozilla Summit 2013

I have been contributing to Mozilla for some time now and so, I got the opportunity to attend Mozilla Summit 2013 at Santa Clara. Contributors from »

Time flies by

Well, it's been quite some time since I last blogged. There have been a lot of things happening at my end and amidst this I totally »

#Django #TransactionTestCase with REUSE_DB=1 of #django-nose

Lately, I found out that Django’s TransactionTestCase leaves test data in database after the test case is executed. It’s not until the next execution »

My talk got selected for #Pycon India 2012

My proposed talk titled Develop for an international audience got selected for Pycon India, 2012. It’s time to start working on the slides. I am »