Migrated blog to run inside a container

Today, I migrated my Ghost blog to a Docker container running on CentOS 7. The config and content data for the blog has been pushed to https://github.com/rtnpro/rtnpro.com.

The setup was pretty simple.

git clone https://github.com/rtnpro/rtnpro.com
cd rtnpro.com

# Allow sharing this directory with a Docker container
sudo chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t ./

# Allow nginx access port 2368 expose from Docker container
sudo semanage port -a -t http_port_t -p tcp 2368

# Run container
sudo docker run -d -ti -p 2368:2368 \
--name rtnpro_com_ghost \
-v $(pwd):/var/lib/ghost \
-v $(pwd)/themes:/usr/src/ghost/content/themes \
-e NODE_ENV=production \

cp nginx.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/www.rtnpro.com.conf

sudo service nginx restart

And, tada! I have my blog running inside a container now.

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